Sunday, 17 March 2019

Proton X70 [Battery Size and Battery Location]

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Guess most of you guys have came across with Proton new model which is the Proton X70.

Although the car is New but some of the sneak peak in revealing the location of the Proton X70's Battery location of what Battery Size is currently used for the vehicle.

Proton X70 is a redesigned model based on the existing Geely Boyue which is already in the China Market for sometime. But Proton did make some changes and by changing some of the part such as the new grill design, amendment on the lower bodykit and the rear long batch which shows the Proton wording and the lower diffuser at the lower bumper that adds in the style to the whole new Proton X70.

Let me reveal the location of the battery. The Engine Bay for this new Proton X70 is fully covered to reduce the engine noise towards the cabin area which is a superb design and truly make an effect for the consumer to have a disturbance / noise coming from it. Besides that, the full cover up of the engine bay do looks more stylish and nicer, making it sleek and clean.

 As you can see, there's a clip open cover located at the lower right hand side, that's the location of where the battery is located. By simply using a gentle finger and unclip it, you will be able to remove the cover and see the battery located underneath.

The Battery size used in this existing vehicle is a Brand Varta Din55L, 60Ah battery with a Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) of 550 

In Summary, Proton has not been using Continental / European type of battery since the model Proton Satria Neo, Proton Gen 2, and Proton Persona (Before 2016) model which are using DIN55R type of battery due to design.

So you may take note that the new Proton X70 will be using this spec of battery:
Battery Size: DIN55L (Positive on the Left side)
Ampere Henry (Ah): 60
Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA): 550

Sunday, 6 January 2019

CARPUT By The Battery Shop Sdn Bhd

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Just a summary of what has " CARPUT " Automotive Roadside Assistance Mobile app has been through all this while.

This business was firstly started as The Battery Shop or also known as TBS in the market before the mobile app was developed. CARPUT is actually a mobile app supporting breakdown and giving assistance such as:

1) On Site Car Battery Delivery and Installation ( This includes Checking/Diagnosting ) by the well trained Technician.

2) On Site Flat Tyre Replacement ( Whereby the Technician will be changing the Spare Tyre from what customer have in the boot/ Rear Trunk/ Below it depending on car models to the Flat tyre ), There's also another solution whereby the technician can pump it in within 15 mins and the customer can get back on the road again without the hassle of changing the flat tyre.

3) On Site Petrol/Diesel Delivery ( For emergency cases such as Fuel Indicator meter is spoilt or Can't give the accurate approximation which cause the car to breakdown as its out of Fuel )

4) On Demand Towing Services (KlangValley and certain Outer Klang Valley Areas)

With this, CARPUT has helped many on the road to GET BACK ON THE ROAD SAFELY.

Haven't heard of it yet? I guess you have to download the App and check it out
(ANDROID VERSION) : Android Version

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Why Engine Detailing ??

Dear Readers,

I would like to share my experience with you.

This was how it looks like when I first get the car. Just love the clean engine when you first get your own ride huh? Check out the images below.


Some will say, this must have been through an engine detailing wash/cleanup but the fact is, the car has done much detailing but not on the engine bay as engine detailing can be a headache to some if unnecessary inconveniences arise such as:
- Water sips in through the contact point which is not properly dry or disperse
- Water particles short circuit the ECU
- Water sips into the air intake causing the car to jerk or breakdown
- Many many other scenario which I can't name all of it here

The car is properly maintain and the reason the engine bay still looks good/clean is because the fussy owner has some OCD with cleanliness not only the exterior/interior of the car but to engine bay area too as the composite, tarmac, carbons, dust will make it dull.

Just a normal practice from the owner when has some spare time. Take a microfibre cloth with a minimal amount of soup with pail, Wipe it manually. This method is workable for weekly/monthly cleaning as it will be hard for more than 3 years old onwards vehicle as the stubborn deposit/dust/carbons will build up.

What's a good thing when you see a clean engine bay. To the owner's point of view:
- It build respect in the automotive sector/event whereby you will somehow display the engine bay by popping the hood and let others admire. 
- This does not neglect that it will also let you notice wherever there's a leakage/faulty parts easily whereby it is visible 
- Battery terminals do build up an oxidize layer/some may look white/ ice blue. Frequent removing it manually by own will brings up the battery lifespan longer than the normal once as it gives the continuous conductivity/ connectivity towards the charging/discharging.

That's all for now.
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Saturday, 1 September 2018

List of SERVICES Offered in UnderCoverProject Blog. Getting REFRESH !!

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As you may know, UnderCoverProject Blog do provide the services below. Feel free to check it out !!

1) Automotive Wipers (State the Model & Year of the Vehicle type)
2) Light Bulbs (State the type of bulbs eg: T10, H4, H7, H3)
3) Car Accessories
4) Car Mats

5) Window Screen Visors (S/M/L/XL)
6) Spare Parts and etc
7) Renewal of Car Insurance/ Roadtax
8) Car Tinting Service 
9) Roadside Assistance Services (Battery Replacement on Site, Towing, Flat Tyre, Out of Petrol) 
10) Minor /Major Car Servicing
11) Looking for New Car purchase
12) Looking to sell off your old car with higher trade in value 
13) Looking for Auto Spray/Bodywork Shop for Paint Restoration/ Knocking/ Chassis Realign/Welding/Spray Painting/ New Colour Change

Contact No: 016-2136173
Email: jljc10@gmail.com

Thursday, 16 August 2018

2010 Toyota Vios 1.5L TRD Sportivo - Dark Gold

Dear Readers,  

Time for some updates on the final looks of the paintwork done by AutoBodyMaster which is located in Sunway Damansara Light Industrial Area.

Do spend awhile of your time to enjoy the pictures published below. Yay or Nay. It is to you to decide. 

Shop Details:
Shopname: AutoBodyMaster (ABM)
Address: 21, Jalan PJU 3/42, Sunway Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinate: 3.162940, 101.600253
Facebook Page: Auto Body Master KD 
Paintjob: Converted from Original paint [Metallic Black] to (Metallic Dark Gold)
For more information, kindly proceed to NX Auto Service for more details & QUOTATION !!!

Stay tuned for more updates. Just a hint. (New Tinting? New Rims?) What say you !!

Signing off,