Monday, 14 October 2019

In Car Entertainment (ICE) Nissan Almera VL Edition N17

Dear Readers,

It has been a while since the last update here.
This round, I will showing picture of the minor modification done on the in car entertainment aka ICE to some who are well aware of the short form. Nothing much going on the audio side. Just the change of the Headunit (HU) from the original to a touchscreen version.

Below is the picture showing the original in car audio whereby it is installed at the factory upon receiving the vehicle.

Basically it is running on a double din/ 2-din slot whereby the suppose upgrade package from Nissan (Tan Chong) will offer an upgrade with a topup if you wish to get it upgraded to a 6.95" display that comes with Navigation system, Bluetooth pairing and etc.

Below is the newly converted ICE look after the replacement from the conventional/ Original ones.

This player is actually an android player which is quite common in the market nowadays and can be easily purchase. Just take note when you are purchasing it and make sure it comes with a casing which can fit perfectly back to your dashboard when installing it back. 

There are 2 models [9" and 10"] in the market for Android player for Nissan Almera N17 2014 model onwards as the model varies with the year make of the Nissan Almera. So make sure you choose correctly if you're purchasing it online at some ecommerce sites, or you can also drop by to any of the merchant's shop to have the exact one fitted.

The current model of the LCD screen display is running on 9" inch and it's powered by android.  The reason I choose 9" display as it fit nicely on the dashboard without affecting much or making it to be too big and over expose. Some will install the 10 inch but somehow it will block some of the air from AC and also longer in width which nearing to the AC instrument panel. So it's up to your choice and preference.

Without further a do, do have a check in this few items when purchasing:
1. Comes with a casing which can fit back perfectly to your old audio location
2. Doesn't block the air funnel from coming out the air of the Air condition (AC)
3. Make sure the casing does not pops out as you may need to use the pins available from the old casing to place at this new casing to secure the position of it
4. Make sure the necessary cables comes in the package
5. Check and test before fitting back to the slot to avoid taking in and out for times
6. Check on the bluetooth connectivity, google updates are the current version for Waze, Google map and etc, Speakers are well connected and functioned
7. Ready to enjoy movies and play musics

Will be writing a post and showing you the demo of how the audio function.

Signing off, 

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

2014 Nissan Teana

Nissan Malaysia has also offered a new premium service by providing Teana's customer a total care premium service. As Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Servis Sdn. Bhd (TCEAS) strive to build a sustainable relationship with the customers.

Nissan Teana Total Care Advantages:
  1. Teana Brand Experience with Service Manager: Direct access to Service Manager
  2. Personal Choice of Service Branch: Customers select their favourite service branch
  3. Ease of making service appointments: Call, SMS, or book online for an appointment
  4. Priority access to service bay: Assigned, comprehensive service bay for Teana cars only
  5. Guaranteed Delivery Time: Assurance of punctuality through our Double manning Service Process
  6. Dedicated Teana Support Team: A standby technical team to focus on TEANA's Technical support (24/7)
  7. 3 Days Follow-Up-Call: Verification process to ensure customer satisfaction 
Signing Off,

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Volkswagen Golf GTi (MK7)

Dear Readers,

Just a day when I get to meet one of the VW that I love which is the VW Golf GTi MK7. It may seem dull and powerless to some but what I can say, I am satisfy with the low end, high end, pick up speed of this ride. You won't believe till you have tested it.
Had a test on two scenarios. Genting Drive which is absolutely speechless on the powerband of what the car can provide the output. No lags at any situations. The test starts at Genting Sempah all the way to the peak of the Genting Highland.

Running on 225/40R18 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 on a OZ Racing 18" wheel

Secondly, tested from PJ damansara all the way to Kuantan beach which is Teluk Cempadak by clocking 2 hours duration. Don't ask about what speed am I going at but its a really satisfying journey all the way there to have a breeze and some seafood.

Loving this model of VW Golf GTi so much with what it can surprise me anywhere and at anytime.

Signing Off, 

Monday, 20 May 2019

10% Discount on top of your NCD + Membership Discount Booklet [ Car Insurance Renewal ] - Smart Consumer

Dear Readers,

Everything has went digital in this era whereby everything can be done with just a few clicks. The thing I am referring today is RENEWING YOUR CAR INSURANCE !
Do check out Ringgitplus for this OFFER whereby renewing your car insurance Via Etiqa / Rhb Insurance will entitle yourself a free registration with CARPUT + Membership whereby you will be asked beforehand before completing the process of the car insurance renewal.

This is how the Carput+ Membership booklet will be like delivered to you via Pos Malaysia. So make sure you have provide a correct/accurate address to avoid it to be undelivered /deliver to a wrong place end up return back to the company.

What is better getting a 10% DISCOUNT on top of the deduction of the NCD of your insurance + Getting a Carput + Membership which worth a RM150 in value. MORE SAVINGS is what we need nowadays with the rise in the cost of living. BE A SMART CONSUMER !

Signing off,

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Nissan Almera (N17) - Adding some chrome touch

Dear Readers,

Have come across with an online car accessory seller at KL area which have a variety of chrome accessories for Nissan Almera N17 model. So this chrome finish has attracted my attention.

This was once the original look of it whereby you may notice all the Nissan Almera N17 having this view in general.
Looking not too bad though but that doesn't stop me from getting the chrome.

After installing by my own. This is the finish product.
Notice any difference from the picture above. Not being a Nissan Teana wannabe but adding this Chrome finishing on the Nissan Almera N17 do make it look more elegant ?

Signing off,