Thursday, April 1, 2010

Proton Saga BLM Customizations

It came to a shock when I saw Proton Saga BLM with a Subaru style. It took me few seconds to identified the vehicle from far but once it reach near, I can tell that it's a Proton Saga. People are so creative nowadays, bodykits are all over and they can just pick and match. Malaysia people really 'BOLEH'.
Proton Saga Subaru Version 9 Style

Proton Saga BLM with a Lexus Spirit

Proton Saga BLM with a BMW 3 Series look

I was shock when I see this, I find this bodykit looks not that bad to a saga but why a person want to modified till it looks like a BMW when the features in it doesn't really match up with. This post is to show everyone that what can a Proton Saga BLM turns out to be. There are many choices for the owner to choice either from BMW, Lexus or Subaru for their preferences.

Here are some other mods @


  1. Hmm don't really like people who modify their cars until they look like other cars. No identity!

  2. Umm..Nice automotive blog here. :)

  3. weee another automotive blog!! support <3 ~

  4. I notice the sabah plat at the 1st n 3rd pic. Sabah still have the best workshops for car modifications from normal cars, luxury cars, sport cars to 4wd! Hell yeah! :)