Saturday, August 22, 2009

Honda Accord (SM4)

The pictures below are Honda Accord SM4 which is a model where most of the tuners would modified their engines from the stock CB3 to the H22A Vtec engine.

Honda H22A Engine JDM

Displacement (cc):
Power (bhp@rpm):
220 @ 7,200 rpm
Torque (ft/lbs@rpm):
163 @ 6,500 rpm
Compression Ratio:
Bore (mm):
Stroke (mm):
Cam Design:
Valve Train

Honda H22A Engines JDM

The H22A was produced for the Honda Prelude SiR (JDM) in the years 1997-2001. The H22A is one of the more popular used Honda engines sought out by tuners today. The trick is always finding a decent used JDM motor in great condition with good compression test results. Many JDM engine importers travel directly to Japan and test each engine before importing containers of them back to North America. JDM engines sold in the secondary market are always a bit of a risk, so it is important to deal with reputable JDM engine importers that have a long and established business history and provide warranty and guarantee coverage on your engine purchase. If you want to see more used Honda engines return to JDM Engines.

JDM Engines boost power and performance
Swapping out your granny-tuned factory engine and upgrading to a higher performance JDM engine like the Honda H22A series JDM motor can boost your power and torque substantially at a reasonable cost. Check out our Honda engine swaps guide for more details on what type of jdm engines can be dropped into your ride to notch up the acceleration and performance.

JDM Motors with low mileage are accessible

Low mileage Honda H22A JDM motors originally produced for the 1997-2001 Honda Prelude SiR (JDM) can still be imported from Japan. Due to the strict emission standard testing programs and punitive tax incentives in Japan for cars over 3 -4 years old, it is not uncommon for find used JDM engines with only 10,000 – 35,000 miles on each motor JDM tested. Honda engines used in popular engine swaps are imported and compression tested. If you are considering the purchase of a used import motor you should protect yourself by reading our shopping guide for JDM motors.

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