Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't be fooled by the "low ball bid"

Some repair shops and dealers practice the low ball bid method of business to get you in the door this is how it works. Let's say you call in for a radiator replacement and you get a low bid, it sounds good but what is really happening on the other end of the phone is the service writer is planning on hitting you with job add-on's. EXAMPLE: The phone is ringing... Mrs. Johnson... I have bad news, your cooling system needs to be flushed, the thermostat is shot and your water pump is leaking. I'm sorry your car is already in pieces so I can't put it back together. The conversion goes on to include more problems not relevant to the issue you wanted fixed and you know the rest. You can see the cheapest estimate is not always the best way to go. To safeguard yourself get several estimates for the same repair, if one is much lower there might be something wrong. Most garages know what it takes to stay in business and stay competitive. For the most part you are safer taking it to the middle to upper end repair shop.

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