Friday, December 4, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Information ( EVO 2)

Lancer Evolution Information - EVO 2/EVO II

Although the EVO 1 proved extremely popular there were many areas that were improved upon for the EVO 2. The EVO 2 went on sale in December of 1993 and had a production run of 5000 examples, these took just 3 months to sell out.

The improvements of the EVO 1 started with the chassis, the track and wheelbase were increased to give better stability and cornering performance for the road car and the rally car, these track changes allowed the EVO 2 to wear 205/60-R15 tyres without rubbing. The torsional rigidity of the EVO 2 was increased by 30 percent over the EVO 1. Engine power was increased by another 10bhp with the use of a redesigned performance exhaust system and an increases in boost pressure. The gearbox and clutch were uprated and the rear LSD changed meaning that the RS and GSR versions both used the same item. On the outside there was a lower front bumper and an extra element was added to the rear wing. The interior saw even more supportive Recaro seats. The RS now came with same Momo steering wheel as the GSR.

Lancer Evolution Specs - EVO 2/EVO II
Engine: 1997cc
Power: 260PS @ 6000rpm
Torque: 228lbs/ft @ 3000rpm
Weight: 1250kg (RS: 1180kg)
Top Speed: 147mph
0-60 mph: 5.0 seconds

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