Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution information ( EVO 7 )

Mitsubishi Evolution Information: EVO 7/EVO VII

Available in January 2001 and controversially based on the Cedia platform the EVO 7 was heavier, bigger and less focused than previous versions. The engine in the EVO 7 featured hollow camshafts and a magnesium alloy cam cover to reduce weight at the top of the engine. The biggest improvement came with the update of the AYC which now worked with the ABS and had manually selectable settings of Snow, Gravel and Tarmac. The chassis was reworked but still used MacPherson struts at the front and multi link suspension at the rear. Mitsubishi claimed that the EVO 6 was a better handling car than the Tommi Makinen edition but many disagree. The interior got super supportive Recaro seats a new design of MOMO steering wheel with the rev-counter now placed centrally in front of the driver but unfortunately tyre car lacked auxiliary gauges. A redesigned rear spoiler was evident which increased downforce without increasing drag.

Mitsubishi Evolution Specs: EVO 7/EVO VII
Engine: 1997cc
Power: 280PS @ 6500rpm
Torque: 282lbs/ft @ 3000rpm
Weight: 1400kg (RS: 1320kg)
Top Speed: 157mph
0-60 mph: 4.9 seconds (RS: 4.7)

Other EVO VII's

RSII: Half way between GSR and RS
RS Sprint: 318hp, 327lbs/ft
GT-A: More weight, less torque, semi auto gearbox
Extreme Autos: 339bhp
Extreme S: 357hp
Extreme SC: 458hp
2 Official versions in the UK: RSII & FQ-300 RSII equivalent of GSR

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