Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Do I Change My Car's Air Filter?

A vehicle's air filter is a replaceable cleansing unit. In most cases an air filter can be replaced in under 5 minutes. The air cleaner in your car or truck should be changed every 3,000 miles or sooner depending on driving conditions. Changing your air filter is easy! Remember, always use protective eye wear and gloves when doing any car repair. First locate the air filter housing; this is where the air filter element resides. To locate the air filter housing look for the engine air intake tube. Next, remove the air filter housing retainer clips or screws and remove the air filter housing top. Replace the old air filter with a new air filter and reassemble. (Note: be sure you clean out any leaves or debris inside the air filter housing upon reassembly)

To determine if your air cleaner needs to be changed remove the air filter housing retainer clips or screws and remove the filter, gently tap the air filter, if you see dust falling from the air cleaner it is filled to capacity and replacement is needed. We recommend top quality air filters for your car or truck. Imagine the amount of air processed through your engine in the course of driving 3,000 miles. If you choose an inferior style air filter you are allowing dirt particles to enter your engine which cause premature wear and could lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Common Problem:
- Air filter plugs up due to lack of maintenance causing poor performance and rough idle.

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