Saturday, January 2, 2010

Performance Exhaust System

A performance exhaust system can be anything from a simple “cat-back” system to give you a little better sound to a full tuned set of headers to replace the restrictive exhaust manifolds. Always consult state and federal emissions laws before modifying your vehicles exhaust system.
Performance Exhaust

There have been numerous advances in the technology for performance exhaust systems. While standard exhaust systems are designed as cost efficient as possible, a performance system is usually made from a higher grade of material with a more performance-oriented design. The exact type of performance exhaust often varies depending upon the vehicle and application. Adding performance exhaust systems is easily handled with just a few tools and will boost performance immediately.

Inspect your exhaust system on occasion to ensure that there are no cracks, holes or rust. Only inspect the exhaust system after the engine has cooled down to avoid burns. When exhaust replacement is required a performance exhaust system might be a good consideration. After a new exhaust system has been installed it is normal for funny smells to be produced. This condition will stop once the exhaust system has been heated and cooled a few times. The reason for the smell is a new system is manufactured using oils and paint and until the impurities are burned off it will create an odor.

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