Friday, February 12, 2010

VIP Style Cars

Low Riders
This is what I called VIP. It's really nice but I don't think this can be done in Malaysia due to the pot-holes, Bumps, and many other reasons.

VIP Style cars by Junction Produce

VIP STYLE Mercedes Benz W140,and W126 models by ARES-Junction Produce


  1. very nice, but ur right, msia cant have them cuz got bumps! haha. my fren broke his b4 cuz he made the (whatever its called, the front thing) too low. haha.
    1 more thing, i like the lights at the bottom of the car! haha.
    ps, i saw bentley at centerpoint 2day. haha.

  2. @Elaine: You serious. I guess you are saying the front bumper huh or the lips. =). O.o, you saw a bentley. That's so cool. I love that car. It's so luxurious and have a european feel.

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