Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cardok Garage powered by Hydraulic Lift

The Cardok garage is an interesting parking solution that is starting to be seen around more affluent London locales. The owner’s car is raised and lowered by means of a hydraulic lift. At present there are eight in action around London, four under construction and another ten that have been ordered, which is no small feat.

The price for the single model is $61,181 and if you want an over and under double it will be $72,816.


  1. I've seen this technology before. It was adapted from the cellar's lift of old (last time, houses were warmed by coal, a cellar will usually have a lift to carry the coal down to the boilers). In Malaysia, the cost could be slightly higher as drainage will be a major concern (you dont want your car to be flooded after a thunderstorm!). MeorAmri

  2. cool. :D but u need to invest lots of money on it. huhu

  3. I wish I have one of these. :)

  4. @EJ: Yea, I wish I have this too. =)

    @kyuubi: YEa, must take out a sum of money for this.

  5. A good way to hide a precious car...

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