Friday, April 16, 2010

Federation D Presents Nissan S14: Drift Car Construction

Credits to: http://federationd.com

Federation D proudly presents one of its drift machine which is a under construction Nissan S14. The pictures below shows the progress of the whole car is being done by purchasing the SR20 Engine, parts, Accessories, roll cage and etc.
SR20 engine ready to install
Waiting for parts in the workshop
Incomplete Interior
Could touch the floor through the gearbox hole
Roll-cage installed
Gearbox being ready for installation. Jack holds it up while they lower the car using the Hydraulic lift.
 Note the new single-plate clutch that the gearbox attached to. Sweet
Close up shoot of the Single Plate Clutch
Installing the gearbox
New 2-way LSD (limited slip differential; essential for drifting) at the rear axle, between the 2 Rear Tyres. By seeing the exterior, that shows 2 shiny new cogs. The engine (through the clutch) connects to the gearbox which connects to the LSD.
The interior necessities have just been re-installed. dashboard should be in soon enough
Engine bay is gradually filling back up
The upgraded cam pulley close up shoot 
Progress Update : Car is almost done... ~ 80%

Engine bay-passenger side : The custom exhaust manifold and header, with a waste gate attached (blue cap). This then connects to the turbocharger below (with a cloth sticking out).

Front-mounted intercooler. Just behind it is a small oil cooler. New piping can be seen entering and exiting the intercooler.
Engine bay-driver side : Heavy duty blow-off valve.
New exhaust system fabricated, welded, and mounted

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