Thursday, April 8, 2010

Federation D presents Nissan Skyline BNR34 : Drift Car Construction

Credits to: http://federationd.com/

List of Parts to be installed in this Nissan Skyline
Haltech platinum 2000 system
Custom exhaust manifold
Garrett GT3540R turbo
Tomei 260 camshaft
Tomei valve springs
Tomei head gasket
Tomei forged pistons
Tomei forged rods
Tomei cam pulley exhaust only
Tomei timing belt
Nismo engine bearings
Walbro fuel pump
Trust extended oil sump
Turbosmart 45mm wastegate
Tomei oil pump
Nismo n1 water pump

Installation of the New exhaust system
Boost Controller is installed in the engine bay. This regulates and allows the driver to alter its boost pressure in case of a sudden change or a usual an increase in power where it is needed for a particular track layout.

A control unit with display is installed in the cockpit.

Resistor coupled with the Fuel Pump at the rear of the car. This resistor placed in the engine bay provides 2-3 volts more to the fuel pump to ensure when at low and at high rpm, the fuel pump is still pushing out fuel as required. This replaces the standard 6V connector.

New iridium spark plugs with platinum lacing replaces the stock plugs. These plugs are higher temp sparks, more consistent, and highly reliable.

Last inspection before having a Dyno test run

Synchronization of the new Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Engine management system (the Brain) that just got installed with a laptop. The laptop is then used to monitor, moderate, and modify the engine characteristics for optimum performance.

Dyno run. The car is out and we're drifting it soon! watch this space!

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