Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ford Start Concept unveiled in Beijing

Source by: Anthony Lim
Credits to: http://star-motoring.com/blog/permalink.asp?id=1146

Ford has unveiled its Start Concept vehicle at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Powered by a 1.0l, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, the design of the vehicle was inspired by the world's fast-growing mega cities and the unique needs and mindset of their inhabitants. With heavy traffic, limited parking and fuel efficiency being key concerns among urban drivers, the car provides a vision into a future sporty, small-car package that meets a multitude of primary driving objectives, particularly among first-time buyers.

Design elements include the use of lightweight material and the incorporation of efficient aerodynamics, and the car also utilises smart phone technology to perform a multitude of in-car functions.

The company says that besides the design exploration aspects into the feasibility of a future small car, the vehicle is also effectively a preview of the smallest engine yet in the growing EcoBoost engine family; Ford says the technology will come into production in the near future,  offering low CO2 emissions but with the power and drivability comparable to the company's larger petrol inline-four cylinder powerplants.


  1. im not a fan of cars, but this is cute! :)

  2. me too. but i have to say it's cuh-yute. =)

  3. Nice design hope they mass produce it soon :-D