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Skyline History and Specification details on BNR33

Nissan Skyline GTR-33 (BCNR33) 
Production Figures 16,520 vehicles.
Descriptions Standard 9,871
V-spec 6,551 (Incld. N1 version)

Body Colours 
Version 1
- Super Clear Red (AN0)
- Deep Marine Blue (BN6)
- Black (KH3)
- Spark Silver Metallic (KL0)
- Dirk Grey Pearl (KN6)
- Midnight Purple (LP2)
- White (QM1)
LM Limited
- Champion Blue (BT2)
Version 2 / Version 3
- Midnight Purple (LP2)
- Deep Marine Blue (BN6)
- White (QM1)
- Sonic Silver (KP4)
- Dirk Grey Pearl(KN6)
- Black(KH3)
- Super Clear Red II (AR1)
Version 1 Released: 16th January 1995.
Length: 4,675mm x Width: 1,780mm x Height: 1,360mm
Wheelbase: 2,720mm
Curb Weight 1,530kg(GTR STD) / 1,540kg(GTR V-spec)
Max Power: 280ps/6,800rpm
Max Torque: 37.5kg-m/4,400rpm
* Compared with BNR32, Length +130mm, Width +25mm, Height +5mm (compared with BNR32 V-spec), Wheelbase: +105mm.
* Increased torque by 5kg-m.
* 245/45-17 tyres.
* Increased standard boost pressure by 0.09bar (BNR32:0.75bar / BCNR33:0.84bar)
* Brembo brake calipers and discs as standard.
* Brake cooling air guide for V-spec.
* Active LSD and ATTESA E-TS PRO for V-spec.
* Harder suspensions for V-specs.
* Strut tower brace, extra reinforcement body panels.
* Drivers SRS Airbag.

Version 2 Released: 22nd January 1996.
* Revised body colour in red and silver.
* Revised steering wheel design.
* Passengers airbag.
* Reviced shape and material on dashboard and centre cruster.
LM Limited Released: 21st May 1996.
Taken limited order by end of July.
Anniverysary model for participation of Le Mans 24 Hours Race.
* Exclusive colour: Champion Blue (BT2)
* Front bumper with extra air duct.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler.
* Carbon fibre rear main spoiler.
* Exclusive decal on c-piller.

Version 3 Released: 3rd February 1997
* Xenon headlights.
* Rear fog lights.
* Front bumper with extra air duct.
* Bigger front splitter with bigger brake cooling air duct (20mm lower).
* Revised ABS control programme.
* Reinforced brake pedal bracket.
* Reinforced rear suspensions member fitting.
* Rear floor reinforcement bar.
* Revised colour scheme interior. (Version 1/2: Grey with blue, Version 3: Grey with red.)

N1 Version Released: 3rd February 1997.
Based on V-spec.
* Metal blade turbochargers.
* Thicker piston second land. (Std: 4.0mm N1: 4.6mm‚Ö)
* Reinforced material used for conn-rod bearings.
* Reinforced air inlet hose.
* Front mounted engine oil cooler.
* N1 water pump. (bigger inperer to prevent bubbling.)
* Reinforcement around cylinder block head bolt boss.
* Narrowed distance between two piston rings. (Std: 1.5mm / N1: 1.2mm)
* Revised camshaft profile. (exhaust overlap: STD 0 degree / N1 5 degrees).
* Extra air intake on front bumper.
* Intercooler air guide.
* Less intercooler net.
* Bonnet hood top spoiler.
* Carbon fibre rear main spoiler.
* Carbon fibre front under cover.
* Less rear wiper.
* Less air-con.

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