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Skyline History and Specification details on BNR34

Production figures 7,849 (by end of February 2000)
Descriptions Standard: 3,169
V-spec: 4,619
V-spec N1: 31
Body Colours Version 1
- Bayside Blue (TV2)
- White (QM1)
- Sonic Silver (KP4)
- Athlete Silver (KV2)
- Black Pearl Metallic (GV1)
- Active Red (AR2)
- Lightning Yellow (EV1)
- Midnight Purple II (LV4) / Limited edition of 300.
- Midnight Purple III (LX0) / Limited edition.

Version 2
- Bayside Blue (TV2)
- Athlete Silver (KV2)
- Sparkling Silver (WV2)
- White (QM1)
- White Pearl (QX1)
- Black Pearl Metallic (GV1)
Version 1 Released: 8th January 1999.
Length: 4,600mm x Width: 1,785mm x Height: 1,360mm
Wheelbase: 2,665mm
Curb Weight: STD 1,540kgs / V-spec 1,560kgs
Max Power: 280ps/6,800rpm
Max torque: 40.0kg-m/4,400rpm
* Length: -75mm, Width: +5mm, Wheel base: -55mm (compared with BCNR33).
* Increased torque by 2.5kg-m from BCNR33.
* 245/45-18 tyres.
* Twin ball bearing ceramic turbochargers.
* Boost pressure increased to 0.93bar from 0.84 of BCNR33.
* Brembo brake calipers and discs.
* Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox.
* N1 conn-rod bearings as standard.
* Red engine cover.
* Plastic cambelt cover. (BNR32/BCNR33: metal)
* Lightweight turbo outlet tube. (-1.8kg)
* Multi Function Display.
* Engine immobilizer.
* Herical LSD on GTR Std.
* Brake cooling air guide on V-spec.
* Front diffuser and rear carbon fibre diffuser on V-spec.
* Active LSD and ATTESA E-TS PRO on V-spec.
* Harder suspensions on V-spec.
* V-spec special tacho meter.
Version 2 Released: 28th August 2000.
* N1 rear brake calipers on all GTR range.
* Aluminium pedals.
* Revised interior colour scheme. (Version 1: Grey cloth / Version 2: Black cloth)
* Revised centre cruster colour scheme (Version 1: Gold / Version 2: Illidium)
* Clear front indicators and side repeaters.
* Additional body colour: White Pearl and Sparkling Silver.
* Carbon fibre bonnet with NACA duct on V-specII (-4kgs).

M-spec Released: 8th May 2001
* Based on V-specII.
* Full leather interior.
* Front seat heater.
* Special ripple control shock absorber.
* Special rear stabilizer.
* Fine grip type steering wheel with gold stitching.
* Aluminium Bonnet. (Optional: Carbon Fibre Bonnet with NACA duct.)
* Exclusive body colour.
* Limited edition of 50 per month.

N1 Version * N1 Ball bearing metal turbochargers.
* N1 Bigger rear brake caliper and discs.
* Big capacity front mounted engine oil cooler.
* Less electric control of wing mirrors. (non colour coded.)
* Plastic hand brake lever. (Std: leather)
* Plastic centre console lid. (Std: leather)
* Less air-con.
* Less rear wiper.
* Less rear fog light.
* Less remote control key.
* Less audio.

V-specII NUR
M-spec NUR Released: 26th February 2002.
* Limited edition of 1,000 as BNR34 GTR Final Edition.
* N1 turbochargers.
* N1 Engine block.
* N1 Pistons with weight balancing.
* N1 Piston rings.
* Weight balanced conn-rods.
* N1 Oil pump.
* N1 Water pump.
* N1 Exhaust manifold.
* N1 Intercooler air hose.
* Exclusive cylinder head cover colour.
* Exclusive gold VIN plate.
* Exclusive rear emblem.

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  1. been a fanatical fan of the skyline for years so this post made me excited all over again... nice touch mate



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