Thursday, April 22, 2010

VW debuts Milano Taxi concept

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Volkswagen has debuted its Milano Taxi concept at the Hanover Trade Show. The vehicle, finished in the traditional green and black of Milan taxis, draws inspiration from the classic Samba Bus from the 1950s mixed with current design language, and showcases the possibility of a mass-market, emission-free electric taxi.

The 1,500kg vehicle is powered by a motor offering a peak of 115bhp, fed through a 45kW/h lithium-ion battery integrated into the underside of the vehicle; the unit offers faster charging times, with 80% of its total capacity being reached in just over an hour. Performance-wise, the vehicle manages a top speed of 120kmh and has a 300km range.

At 3.73m long, 1.66m wide and 1.60m tall, it's shorter and narrower than the Fox, but can carry two passengers in comfort with a glass panel roof creating a bright and spacious environment, with 944mm of headroom available, and the rear 60:40 split glass doors helping further in this regard.

Luggage space at the front of the car is ample, while entry to the vehicle is through the integration of a large door that both swivels and slides forward, making for easier ingress and egress.

Once aboard, the passengers can access an LCD display mounted on the reverse of the driver's seat to see an overview of the route being taken, pay the fare or change the climate functions in the back of the vehicle. The driver is faced by a similar screen that can be personalised to show any combination of information relating to the vehicle systems, passenger fare or navigation functions.

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