Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fact or Fiction: Turbo Inspection

Although rare, turbo failures do happen. Most failures are oil related but can be cause by a number of problems including age, thrust bearing failure from low oil pressure, or improver blow off valve adjustment of size. A loss in power and low boost can be traced to a cracked or tight spinning center cartridge, broken or seized wastegates, broken compressor shaft, or damaged wheel. Foreign object or dirt ingestion aka dusting can cause inlet blades to round off or become damage if an air filter isn't used.

Periodically remove your filter or inlet pipes and check the radial play of the input shaft by gently moving it back and forth. If there is more than normal ( about 0.5mm ) of play on either side f the shaft, it's out of balance and requires service to keep the journal bearings from wearing out.

By JLean

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