Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Formula 1 by Lotus Cosworth T127

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Lotus Cosworth T127 Specification
Engine: Cosworth V8 CA2010
Chassis material: Carbon Fibre
Bodywork material: Carbon Fibre
Front Suspension: Carbon Fibre
Rear Suspension:  Carbon Fibre
Dampers: Penske
Steering: Lotus
Gearbox: X-Trac
Clutch AP Carbon Multi Plate
Discs: Hitco
Calipers: AP
Pads: Hitco
Cooling system ( radiators, Heat exchangers): In house Lotus
Cockpit Instrumentation: MES
Seat Belts: Sparco
Steering wheel: Lotus
Driver's Seat: Lotus
Extinguisher system: FEV
Wheels: BBS to Lotus Spec
Fuel cell: ATL
Battery: Yassa
Wheel Base: More than 3000mm
Overall height: 950mm

The Steering Wheel

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  1. finally! been looking around for the specification of the car! :D