Thursday, 13 May 2010

Option Presents Nissan Cefiro A32: VIP Style

This beauty over here is the Nissan Cefiro and it's also known as the model of A32. Normally people will switch this ride to a luxurious ride due to the long sedan style of the body. With just a modification done to the exterior and the interior, this baby is good to go.
Chrome front grill with chrome lining on the front bumper.
The rear lights is changed to a L.E.D version of it and it has a lip size duck tail to suites the style of the ride.
Sideskirt of the ride is really low where it almost touch the ground.
The luxurious interior with the white colour fabric and dashboard makes the car looks even classy in style. With the wooden Music console in the center, it really gives a big contrast to the ride.
The red fabric used for the roof with the row pillar lights with L.E.Ds shows the beauty of it.

This chrome rim can actually mirror my skin if I'm near to it.