Monday, June 21, 2010

First lithium-ion Think EVs enter production

Credits to: Anthony Lim
Source by: The Star Motoring

Scandinavian electric vehicle maker Think has begun the introduction of a new, ground-breaking lithium-ion battery system for its City EV production.

The dedicated 22kWh battery system for the City is from Ener1 subsidiary, EnerDel. The company says key features include a smaller, lighter weight and better packaged unit, offering much greater available power and energy density than other technologies.

Fast-charging is also a possibility with the EnerDel batteries, with early tests done by Think and Ener1 getting the battery charged up to 80% of its capacity in just 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Think, in partnership with EnerDel, is moving along with the application expansion of its proprietary integrated electric drive-train; the system is currently being tested in Asia by the Japan Postal Service, and by Mazda as part of a Itochu Corporation-led sustainability project in Tsukuba, Japan.


  1. Dude, hard to read your post with the "iPod" blocking the words. :S

  2. Hi, just a comment but the ipod application is blocking some of the text of the blog. on another note, i wish the local car makers would start these kinds of experiments in Malaysia - i would like to know what effects the tropics have on battery performance.