Friday, June 11, 2010

Lexus LS400

Credits to: Kelvin Maui
Photographed by: Kelvin Maui

This is the Glossy Red Lexus LS400 where you can see from the pictures below.This is a truly VIP style ride and it's a nice car to drive as it has a high engine capacity with a 4 litre and running on a V8 which is a 8 cylinders, 32 valves DOHC. Enjoy the pictures below yeah.

Front View of the Ride
Deep Dish Rims. Truly a VIP Style Ride

Rear View of the Ride
Wide Fender as you can see from the Side
Clean Interior with wooden finish Gear console
White cozy Leather Seats


  1. whuahhh...luv the seat...nice n3..peep my latest here Check it Out!

  2. Luv d "retro" design..and the rims...

  3. I love it when VIP is done right!



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