Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remove and Replace!


It's so inconvenient when the central lock of your ride is spoil especially when picking up your buddies or friends from different places and you have to put your hand right behind to unlock the doors. That happens to me when my central lock fails to operate for several days and I got it replaced with the original ones because I don't want to put a replica version which is the Taiwan made ones due to the durability of it so better stick to 'Original'.

Had to removed it by taking out the driver's side door panel and remove the plastic with silicone glue sticking to it and have it replaced with a new ones.


  1. was here,,,,following ur blog,,,nice :)

  2. woah..change the central lock expensive or not?

  3. @Eza: thanks

    @Ms Xerox: kinda exp though cause the Central Lock I change is from the Original Manufaturer