Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shell V-Power 97

 As I see from the news, Shell is producing a newly formulated fuel which is named V-Power 97,

What is special about the new Shell V-Power 97?

The innovative formula in the new Shell V-Power 97 is designed to help you get the most out of your car, no matter what you drive. It’s designed to unlock power more quickly and deliver sustained performance. These special features of new Shell V-Power 97 are designed to make a difference, right from the first fill.
  • A unique formulation that contains components selected for their ability to deliver more power and acceleration through improved combustion, whatever car you drive.
  • 97 Octane formulation is designed to deliver the acceleration potential of all cars.
  • The same Friction Modification Technology used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula One cars is designed to reduce friction by introducing a surface coating component to protect critical engine parts. This helps unlock valuable energy enabling more efficient energy transfer from the fuel to the wheels. It is designed for improved performance right from the first fill.

Better For Engine 

Shell V-Power 97 is also designed to prevent the build-up of power-robbing deposits on your engine’s valves and injection systems. It is also formulated to help remove existing deposits, enhancing the responsiveness of your engine. Used regularly, Shell V-Power 97 can help keep a new car performing like new for longer, and in some cases, can even help rejuvenate older cars.

Shell's passion for performance, with Ferarri

When it comes to driving, we share the same passion as Ferrari – a passion for performance. Shell V-Power is the direct result of a day-to-day technical partnership between Shell engineers and scientists, and those in the Ferrari team. What we’ve learned with Ferrari at the race track, we’ve adapted for the road.

Just think - if Shell V-Power can help keep Ferrari’s road cars in peak condition, imagine what it can do for yours.

Stations with Shell V-Power 97

Shell Station
Find the nearest Shell Station and enjoy all the benefits of a performance fuel, at the price of a regular RON97 petrol today 

Download the PDF from the link below to know if your the Shell in your location has V-Power 97 
Location for Shell V-Power 97

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