Thursday, August 19, 2010

Car Bed

Source from: Star Motoring

Hoteliers come up with all sorts of ways to attract people to stay at their hotels.

In Stuttgart, home of Porsche, there is a rather unusual hotel that caters to car buffs.

The V8 Hotel offers 34 rooms with unique car themes, so you can actually opt to sleep in a full-size bed carved out of a Morris Minor, a Cadillac or a Mercedes-Benz.

Cosy up in a Beetle after a long drive. - Photos by V8 Hotel

The reception and restaurant are also emblazoned with car themes, so there's no running away from the fact that this place pays homage to car culture.

The rooms at the four-star hotel go for 380 euros (RM1,560) per night and include a Zeppelin Suit, which features a terrace, landscaped views and full sauna.

The building where the German hotel is located was the city’s old airport and has three levels of suites in what used to be the control tower.

A stone's throw away is the Meilenwerk car dealers hub and automotive museum, so inspiration and parts are never far away for the next V8 Hotel room theme project.

According to an employee, the novelty of the V8 Hotel has drawn stayers from all walks of life and from all age groups. Even some locals choose to stay a night to sample the unique experience while "a few celebrities" had also been guests, he added.

"All kinds of people come here, so it's not just for car enthusiasts, but of course there are those that are interested in car history and the automobile industry's connections to the region too."


  1. wow.. feel like having one.. haha =P

  2. You know where to get one? at the MEF furniture mall - however, only kid size though...

  3. HAHA i think is saw something like this before but its for kids lol vrom vrom

    if ada bath tube this design lagi cun

  4. looks nice! But seem expensive :P

  5. why i cant view any youtube or pictorial one =(

  6. anyone looking for kids bed.... ??

  7. haha cool! Can dream of bcoming a car racer like that.

  8. This is definitely the first time I see such a car hotel!? hahahahah

    I still think, one day I am going to give the Japanese hotel a try. The type like in a tube! you seen that one?

    not sure what it call :D

    great stuff here!