Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lambo whets appetite

Source From: Star Motoring

PARIS: With a single teaser image, Lamborghini has set in motion a need to know among those following supercar goings-on.
Lamborghini said it will be revealing a new model at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, which it described as offering  the opportunity to "discover the way to the future of supersports cars".

Speculations are rife that this could be the Murcielago successor called Jota. It is rumoured that the Jota will get a  7.0-litre V12 direct injection engine cranking out 700hp and 700Nm of torque with  a top speed of 350kph. The 0-100kph sprint is expected to take 3 secs. All these performance is estimated  to cost around 350,000 euros (RM1.4mil).
On the other hand, media reports in the past have indicated that Lambo may downsize the engine in favour of using a lightweight and smaller aluminium spaceframe.
This is but the first of six teaser images that Lambo will issue in the run-up to the unveiling of the new model.


  1. Love lambos... but why must they name the car Jota... I rather stick with Murcielago...

  2. @ Jae: Maybe they have some other meaning behind and I'm not too sure also yeah.



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