Friday, September 24, 2010

Pivot Voltage Stabilzer

Source From: Pivot Japan

History of Pivot Voltage Stabilzer
2003 - Pivot Raizin ( Blue )
2004 - Pivot Raizin Sound ( Grey )
2005 - Pivot Raizin Spark ( Yellow and Red )
2008 - Pivot Mega Raizin ( Purple )

Voltage Stabilizer
As you know, Mega Raizin has increased its capacity of the condenser three-fold ( Compare to Blue Raizin ) and decreased both circuitry noise & high frequency inpedance which result a more stable supply of voltage to all Electronic Devices, Better Gas mileage, and improved Torque & Audio Quality.

When engine Starts, it will shows the lowest voltage which is the 7.5V and the Real Voltage which is 13.8V then it shows for approximately a minute before it switches off in order to save the battery life time and to prevent the battery from dying. Figure below shows the process of starting the engine around 1 minute.

Judgment Method
With a new battery or near new battery check the lowest voltage at engine start, if the voltage is reduced by a given amount it is quite possible there is a loss in battery performance and the battery should be checked.


  1. ooo... meant for canggih car only?

  2. @Casendra: Nope. Every car can equipped with this voltage stabilizer. It smooths the flow of voltage and increased the torque a lil. Balanced the idle voltage when you're car is in stationary mode.



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