Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Servicing the Car @ Autozone Service Centre

        One fine day, took the car over to Autozone Service Centre at Jalan SS23/11, Taman Sea and have a service due to the date of it is nearing and the approximate mileage is reaching the service point. So first of all, cool down my car with a huge fan blowing the engine then it is jet up and there goes the kick start of the service.

        First of all, the engine oil filter is remove and the engine oil nut is taken out so the remaining of the engine oil will be flush out from the engine. After all the engine oil is drained off then it's time to replace a new Engine oil filter and also lock the nut of it so it won't drain off the new engine oil. Engine oil used during service is Idemitsu Semi Synthetic Engine Oil and from my experience, this oil really smooths the engine and it doesn't create a loud noise or having a noisy tapet sound while idling or driving.

Jet Up and preparing to service
Bardahl 2 Engine Oil Treatment

         As you can see from the picture, it's Bardahl 2 engine oil treatment liquid where I used it for the first time to my ride there because I find my engine starts to clog in it so I better add some treatment to it to smooth out everything inside. Next service is going to be major makeover where I have to leave my car there for couple of days to have a Top overhaul and service. So after that, hopefully the engine will have a better fuel consumption and higher efficiency. 

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