Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toyota Harrier 300G

Below are the shot of the Toyota Harrier 300G whereby I manage to take several shot of the exterior and the interior. This is a nice and comfort to drive around in every occasion and it has the elegance yet sporty look on it. With the rear passenger and the rear screen originally tinted black makes the car even better on a metallic white paint. Besides that, Toyota Harrier has camera at the front which locates at the emblem, at the side which locates at the side mirror and the rear which locates above the number plate. This makes everything more convenient when it's stuck in the traffic or sometimes crossing the double park car which normally occurs in a busy town in KL/PJ.

Front Shot of the Toyota Harrier 300G

Rear View Shot

Customized speakers at the front for a better Sound Quality with a Pioneer single din Headunit

Wooden Trim Gear panel & Steering Holder and a spacious interior


  1. Owh, not selling bro. Just publishing the car nie.