Monday, December 6, 2010

Federation D Celebration Street Party @ Bangsar Village 2

Federation D is a Drivers’ agency. Newly set up in November 2009, we currently represent 4 drivers from the drifting community. We aim to enable drivers to do Motorsport as a full-time profession.

Venue : The Street in front of Bangsar Village 2
Booths Open : 12 noon – till late Night
Date : 16th December 2010

After a year of success in both local and international competitions, we are now bringing the action home to Malaysia, by updating our fans and readers through a Celebration Party hosted by Federation D.

During this event, you’ll be able to see and meet your favourite teams, buy merchandise,
get freebies, see a live BURNOUT by drift cars, and take pics with Drivers, and more than 18 Paddock Queens!

Expected having media such as TV3, Astro, many different Magazines, and Newspapers covering the event. With any luck, ESPN will be there too!

Warmest Regards,
Federation D

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