Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mazda Rx8 In ST Wangan

Front View of the Mazda Rx8 with the Front Hood open up

The Engine Bay - This engine is equipped with a Turbo to make the rotary perform better in a Rotary Turbo manner. With just a 1.3l Engine which can produce an output of a 2.6l in performance such as Hp & torque. That's powerful enough for a small car like this.

Interior Cockpit Area - Black with Brown trim combination makes the cockpit area a bit more exotic yet stylish. 

Rear View of the Mazda Rx8

Another one on the Rear of the Mazda Rx8 - The rear trunk used to equipped with a GT Wing but it's already taken off.

1 comment:

  1. though this car not capable to drag as fast as the previous version or drift as good as it but it's sure has a good engine to smoke away any cars below 2.5l... most girls will love it's interior and also the body :)



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