Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gears & Transmission

There are several gears that I have study lately. This includes Super Gear that normally fitted to a performance car, Reverse gear and it creates a higher pitch of noise compare to others. Besides that, I also learn that most of the cars are using Helical Gears, this type of gear provides a smoother yet a more quiet gear shifting compares to Super gear. On top of that, there are Straight Beval Gear & Spiral Beval Gear. Both of it almost have the same working design.

Super Gear - Normally fitted to Performance Car eg Quick Shifting for Drag/ Rally Cars with just a tap up/down for shifting. Reverse Gear uses it too that's why you might find that the gear is much louder compare to the normal driving gear when you engage from D to N or to R.

Helical Gear - Commonly used in most of the transmission.

Although VW has its own DCT ( Dual Clutch Transmission ) for quite some time ago and it really brought in many peoples attention when its function is when running the 1st gear, the 2nd gear is already in prepare and ready to engage. It reduces the delay and saves time while shifting up or down the gears. However, as time goes by there are more technologies coming up and getting more advanced just to suite the customer needs. Besides DCT is quite heavy yet it's hard to maintain & costly too though compare to the marketplace that offers other type of technology which can perform the same as it (DCT).

Saw on the article lately on the Xtrac Transmission whereby it is an implementation of gears when both the gears are operates together and have an excellent result in shifting and you just won't get delay on the shifting. They have started the R&D since 2002 and has completed now but it has a different aspect than the VolksWagon's DCT creation. As for now, I still need to get more source to write more about it.

So Stay tuned peeps for more information on other Automotive Related topics yeah as I will be writing mostly on the parts from now on.


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