Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Automotive Industry in Future

As the time pass by, the technology has changed dramatically from time to time. Things have started to change to a new revolution as our Mother Nature are in a very critical situation whereby the emission produce by the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and the older cars that produce more Carbon Dioxide as they have a higher (mpg) rate. 

As the time goes by, Hybrid vehicle is going mass production worldwide whereby they uses both the engine and Battery to run the vehicle. The battery is charged by the internal motor build in the vehicle. Currently there isn't any plug in Hybrid in Malaysia but there will be in future really soon as the people are more aware on the Hybrid and Electric vehicle in other country such as the Automotive Giant Japan and North America. 

Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell vehicle is the next generation talkabout whereby they produce Zero Emission as EV is fully run by Battery Cell and Fuel Cell is by natural Environment which is the Sun ( Solar aka Photovoltaic Cell ) or Hydrogen. 

Do your part by reducing the Carbon Dioxide emission wherever it is possible eg Turned off the vehicle if it's not in use and not leave it on for no reason as it burns up your fuel and pollutes the environment. Everyone can do part in protecting and saving the earth. Start Saving now as it saves your $$ too.