Tuesday, 21 February 2012

All New Toyota Prius C

Let's all welcome the all new Toyota Prius C, it also known as Toyota Aqua in Japan, land of the rising sun.

It was first quoted by the UMWT that the vehicle would cost around RM 107, 000 in the market and now the actual price has been reviewed and it cost RM 97, 000 (OTR) inclusive of Insurance. That sounds so cool and affordable for those green lover who wish to own a more Eco friendly car with a lower price aite?.

The price is very competitive with the Current Honda Insight as it cost RM 99, 813. That makes a difference of approximately RM 2.8k different.

Prius C equipped with a 1.5litre petrol engine produced a 73bhp and 111Nm of Torque. A part of that, it is also equipped with an electric motor which produced a 61bhp and 169Nm of Torque. Combining both create a total system output of 101bhp.

- 6.1Inch touch screen display with AUX jack
- Bluetooth integrated with a reverse camera
- Auto air-conditioning
- Engine Push-start button
- Steering buttons with Touch Tracer
- Cruise control and a
- Head-up display
- Toyota also fitted JBL 8-speaker system with 8-channel amplifier

Safety Feature:
- Consist of 7 airbags


Fuel Consumption:
25.6km/L (Euro Cycle)

If it happens in Malaysia with such Fuel consumption rate then it would be as below:-
Ron95 1 Litre = 1.90  = RM 0.07 per km
Ron97 1 Litre = 2.70  = RM 0.10 per km 

Some Information is revealed from the Media launched of Toyota Prius C at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Will find out more information to update ere. Stay Tuned Readers.

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