Monday, 1 April 2013

Proton Perdana V6 Washed by ChipsAway

Proton Perdana V6 Washed by ChipsAway

Once again, great job done by ChipsAway in washing the 12 years old Proton Perdana V6 1st Batch. Exterior was thoroughly rinse and washed with a high pressure spray gun in removing the dirts and stains on the car. After the rinse, then the Snow washed with Sonax car wash shampoo starts. 

Sonax is a Car care product used by many detailers besides the common brand Meguiars where you can see it in any Detailing shops. Sonax is recommended for all cars as it is non hazardous to your car paint or any part of the car with careful application of the product.

 The Chromes on every side of the door panel, Front windscreen lining & Rear windscreen lining was restored with Sonax Chrome & Alupaste

The interior was thoroughly vacummed and sprayed with Sonax cockpit spray at both front and back areas giving it a fresh smell and removes the odour smell

All 4 tyres are shine with Sonax Tyre Care 

The plastic gutter of the front windscreen has restore its shine as if it was changed to the new piece by Sonax Plastic Care Wipes