Saturday, 10 August 2013

Perodua Myvi Detailed @ HY Auto Solutions, TTDI

Remember this post which I have posted previously. I have bought this deal from Living Social to try out which will result to the below pictures shown.

HY AUTO SOLUTIONS: 3 Step Detailing for RM 38 !!

3 Steps Polish :Wash + Vacuum + Claying + Polishing + Waxing (Valid for all Types of Cars) (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) 

Now the Perodua Myvi has a fresh look like it's just receive from the salesperson when I first got the keys. 

 HY Auto Solutions: Wax & Polish Specialist

 Perodua Myvi in the progress of detailing after the Meguair's Car Wash & clay bar to remove the dirt and tar sticking on the car's surface
 Polishing the Roof now
 Non of the part being missed from the worker in performing the polish work
 Cleaning and wiping of the dust and dirt from the engine bay and water stain from the rear bonnet cover

 The car looks the same when I first saw it, remarkably great job to HY Auto Solutions

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