Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ford Fiesta 1.6l XTR Sapphire edition Changed Wheels

Alright, today's post will be on wheels.
Check out the latest Rims installed on this Ford Fiesta 1.6l XTR Sapphire edition. Looks good? Something similar to the VW Golf GTi ABT version huh?

Enjoy the shots below. =)

 Lenso Wheels
 Say Bye to the old wheels.
 Just trying to fit the Rims and see how it looks

Looks much better with the 8J at rear

Perfectly fitted to the Ride
 Trying out 205/45/17 on it and see if it touches the fender or mudguard

Rear wheel is the new one compare to the Front which is the old one

Jack up for the alignment process

After fitting the new wheels, of course we must perform a Wheel alignment and calibration
This is the final look of the car. What do you think of the wheels fitted to the car?

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