Monday, 14 October 2013

Reviving the Old and dull Exhaust and Muffler Tip of Proton Perdana V6

Dear Readers,

I have been thinking to change exhaust and the muffler tip previously before this idea pop into my head. Why not I save some money for other things which is more practical than wasting the $$ on the exhaust which will cost at least > RM 250 for it.

This idea pops into my head and I started of doing this. Kindly refer below for more details.


As you see from the pictures shown above, this is the dirty, dull and old exhaust since 2001 and has not been touch nor polish. Looks really ugly and makes you feel like getting a new ones right. Fred not, You just need to put in more effort to revive the glossy and original look to it.

 Tested on the right side and I guess you can see the difference right?

Perform for both exhaust tips

After getting the Exhaust tips done, I grind off the dirt, dust, tar and other unknown objects which sticks to the exhaust by using the Grinding brush ( or maybe there's a more professional name to call it?) It's getting there, need more effort.

Partially done

 Let's work harder to get back the shine of the exhaust
After getting the muffler tips cleaned and shine whereby also getting the exhaust to restore it's newly purchase look, I started off with the grinding on the exhaust tip.

Notice the difference of the before and after from the picture you see above.




I'm happy that I have just save some $$ on it by getting it restore and shine. Now it looks better than a one year car which you seen out there. Finishes it with Autosol to get back its shine and apply a layer of wax for a glossy look

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