Saturday, 9 November 2013

Finding a 2nd hand vehicle or a Brand New Vehicle

Finding a 2nd hand vehicle or a Brand New Vehicles.

UnderCoverProject can help you out with it without you cracking your own head finding for source.

This section allows you to do so, you just need to do the following steps, Just  provide the details as mentioned below:-

- Car Manufacturer/ Car Make eg: Volkwagen
- Car Model eg: Golf GTi (mk5/mk6/mk7)
- Preferbly want the vehicle within how many years old eg: 5 years or later or lesser

Besides that, if you can't think of what 2nd hand vehicle to get, you can kindly provide the budget you have then we will think for you within the market price of the second hand vehicle and gives you some opinions.
We will settle the rest for you, you just need to sit back and relax while we process the required relevant document work.

Person to Contact/ Text: John (010-2264173)

Services AVAILABLE as below:
- Renewing Roadtax & car Insurance 
(All you need to do is provide the car certification and previously owned insurance you have paid for and you shall wait for the newly renewed ones) 

Payment can be made either Online banking or Cash Deposit to the Account

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