Sunday, 6 December 2015

D.I.Y Bonnet Releaser / Hook with Grip for Nissan Almera 1.5L VL (N17)

Dear UnderCoverProject Readers,

Here are just a minor DIY for the Nissan Almera N17 's Bonnet Hook / Bonnet Releaser grip.

Original looks for the Bonnet releaser / hook which comes in metal with black paint

A close up view of the Bonnet releaser / hook. The main reason for this DIY is to give the user to open the hood/ bonnet easier as when the vehicle is running for a period of time or it is ark under the sun, the metal hook / releaser starts to get hot as its mainly made up by metal and it might give you a burnt while opening it so with the DIY as shown in the picture below, I have DIY an approximate 1.5cm length fuel hose to place it at the bonnet hook / releaser to smoothen the process of opening the hood without getting yourself in any inconvenienced situation

Sample of the Fuel hose for the DIY. You will need an approximately 1.5cm length of fuel hose and this will do the job. Just get the unwanted fuel hose as fuel hose able to withstand high temperature and would not deteriorate as fast as normal rubber so I have chosen this for the DIY.

Final product of the DIY Fuel Hose to the Nissan Almera N17 Bonnet Releaser / Hook. Although the looks may not be perfect or nice as what other car manufacturer or accessories provide but with this DIY, you get to save some of your $$ without getting any fancy grips for it.
Hopefully this post can give an idea or solution to your problem faced. This DIY can be apply to all the vehicles. Just my 2cents. 

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