Monday, May 9, 2016

Volkswagen Camper Van (Project Miniature VW)

Dear UnderCoverProject Readers / Subcribers,

This post is all about the Volkswagen Camper Van. I have recently bought a small scale VW Camper van from the shop and at the moment it still remain as it is, Planning for a spray paint work and modification of lighting of LEDs into it so it will turn out to be something funky yet remains the classic of its own.

Below are the shots I have taken for the Volkswagen Camper Van. Kindly enjoy yeah.

 This is how the Volkswagen Camper Van Package looks like before unboxing

 Yeah, the Volkswagen Camper Van which I bought comes with dual tone colour which consist of Lemon Yellow and Lime Green.

 Side view of the Volkswagen Camper Van

 Front View of the Volkswagen Camper Van

 Guess what, the side passenger door can be open like the fridge door opening concept by the Mini Cooper Cubmen version of doors

 The Rear Trunk Boot can be open vertically too

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