Sunday, 27 November 2016

Petrol Price Hike DEC 2016, Weak MYR Ringgit

Everyone of you know the ringgit have weakens after the US election has found a new president for the sitting which causes the whole Asia Pacific market to goes a bit Haywire.

Malaysia got hit bad this time, The last this incident happened was the 2007 Economy crisis. Now, it happens again, Highest record shown as USD Vs MYR Ringgit to be at 4.44. Not a nice number, many things have bring the future consequences in to be consider, Rising F&B Cost / Living, Transportation, Import/Export, and etc.

December 2016 is just 3 days away and we can foresee a price hike for Petrol Price for the December. Rumours say that there might be an increase of RM0.20 cents per Litre. Things to be confirmed on 30th November 2016 when everything is concluded.

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