Monday, 15 January 2018

Troubleshooting by your Own, Saves you $$$

Dear Readers,

Don't really get what I meant on the title above?
Fred not, The statement means that troubleshooting the symptoms / problems of the car by your own before getting Slash/ Chop from the workshop or service centres out there.

Troubleshooting 101:
1) How to define if its battery problem:
- Interior dashboard lights starts to dimmed down than the usual it should be
- Takes you longer to crank / start the vehicle
- Giving you an inaccurate petrol mileage/ distance
- Lightings not as responsive or bright as normal ( Certain Cars do have a major diff )
- Check on how long was the last battery replacement of the car battery
- Remove all the unwanted residue / Blue gems building up at the terminals of the battery as it will affect the connectivity (To remove it, Just simply pour a glass of HOT WATER on the terminal and see the MAGIC, either blow or wipe it dry)

2) Alternator Test:
- Do a quick check when you are getting your car serviced by asking them to have a check on FULL LOAD test during the car is start with Full blas air conditioning system and Turn on the Headlights. Or you can also get a multimeter and have a test, For a good alternator, the reading should be above 13.5V at all times, Minimum it must be 13.5V on FULL LOAD, some may reach to 14.5V, but that's okay. Just make sure it's not less than 13.5V or it will be Undercharge or over 15V that will be OverCharge
- Starts to jerk while driving or slow moving condition (Certain cars will have the symptom)
- It may die off while driving if the alternator is faulty as it couldn't provide charge to the system after starting up and fully drain the battery alone.

3) Wiper Check:
- Clean the wiper blade with a soft cloth or wet tissue once awhile when you notice that there are swirl or uneven swipes during the rain as some residue may be stuck there.
- When the wiper starts to make a loud noise during wiping, it may be a sign that the rubber is harden and it may need replacement

4) Intake Air Filter
- Do you know that a clogged air filter will increase your consumption of the petrol.
- Take it out and air blow it once a while so it will last you even longer before the next replacement needed.

5) Cabin filter
- Clogged air cabin filter will cause a lesser air comes out from the air cond holes
- Just do a regular cleaning or air blow it once awhile to remove all the dirt or dust build up at the filter. Some are metal filter and it can be wash and sun dry or air dry

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