Saturday, November 14, 2009

IPhone : New Gadget for Automotive Enthusiasm

I find this video quite interesting so I would like to share with everyone who read this blog. This Iphone can really do simultaneous functions at the same time. I am amazed with the direct mpg calculation, speed calculation and many various type of function where you can find some gadget that a person install in their rides such as SAFC Neo, SAFC 1&2, Pivot Voltage Stabilizer and etc. Besides that, the analogue gauges that a person install in their vehicle can also be replace by using the function in the Iphone where it shows the boost gauge, Rpm Gauge and etc. Didn't know Iphone can have so much function with just plugging in an external gadget which look like a cubical box. View the below video to know more about it. In my opinion, if this external plug and play gadget is selling in Malaysia then I think it's a good market cause there are many car theft that aimed for vehicle which have turbo timer, boost meter, and other gauges so with this Iphone, gauges in the car can be replace with just a phone.

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