Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Intelligent Voltage Stabilizer

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Intelligent Voltage Stabliser (I-VS)
Intelligent Voltage Stabiliser is the latest and most advance car voltage stabiliser in the world today. This product is fully made in Malaysia with high quality components built to ensure product reliability and maximum performance.

Electronic Control Unit
In order to improve on the engine performance, the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is highly dependent on all sensors that provide accurate data and signals to coordinate various parts in different places. The ECU can give the best judgement if and only if the signal is accurate, which affects the electrical flow of the system. Hence a stable and powerful electrical system in the car will ensure best torque and response at all times.

Torque Performance
This I-VS with its circuit can assure full range RPM torque and improved acceleration both in street and racing use.

Audio System
Once this I-VS is install, the audio system will receive full and stable voltage from the battery and will perform at its optimum performance. Lifespan of the audio system will be prolonging.

Air-conditioning System
Once this I-VS is install, you can feel the air-conditioning system works better than before. It will get cooler and more responsive. Lifespan of the audio system will be prolonging.

Fuel Saving
This I-VS will ensure more accurate and stable ignition and fuel injection in order to enhance the combustion. Therefore it brings fuel saving at around 5% in the city and 10% in the expressway. Eventually it will improves the engine response, quick engine start, lesser engine noise, stabilizes idling.

Battery Life and other Electronic System
Once the voltage is stabilized, the battery lifespan will be improved while perform at optimum level. Same with other electronic system e.g. lamps, alarm system, power window, central locking, electric seat, sensors and LCD monitors.

I-VS stores an electrical energy at all times to provide stable and sufficient electrical energy whenever there is voltage drop across the supply when power is needed from any parts of the car. It can filter out electrical noise and eliminate irregular current flow in the car electrical system. It works great on injection engine, VVT-I, VTEC, I-VTEC, MIVEC, DVVT, VTI, VTC and other engine with computerised control engines (Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc.).

Enhancement in adding a Voltage Stabilizer
· Increase torque
· Improve fuel economy
· Improve engine response
· Stabilize Idling
· Quick engine start
· Smoother engine running
· Lesser engine noise
· Increase headlight brightness
· Prolong battery life
· Improve audio quality
· 3 minutes installation for IVS
· 15 minutes installation for 3 pcs of ACG

How to install Voltage Stabilizer on your car
1. take out the fuse from the I-VS
2 .use a size 10 spanner losen the nut of the positive (+ or red) terminal of the battery
3. slot in the I-VS red heatshrink cable lug to the positive (+ or red) terminal of the battery
4. tighten the nut
5 .use a size 10 spanner losen the nut of the negative (- or black) terminal of the battery
6 . slot in the I-VS black heatshrink cable lug to the negative (- or black) terminal of the battery
7. tighten the nut
8. install the fuse back to the I-VS
9. housekeeping (check if any spanner or screw left on the engine bay before start the engine).


  1. Voltage stabilizer rock man.... I used it and already rock my car to other limit. Good part bring more good to your machine. It's proven since day one until now. Value your money with good part.