Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just One Fine Day

It's just a one fine day where I drove to Sunway Damansara for some drop off and headed my journey to Kota damansara for some session with friends with my SLK. After the session where I head back to my place where I need to somehow passing by the road where it used to be a 2 way road but now it has changed to One way street. Me and My SLK meet 2 ferraris where the side of mine is in dark blue and the one behind of it is in Red. I guess both of them are gathering up huh. The SLK I meant is not the SLK from merc benz but Small little Kelisa though. Sorry about the twist yeah.. Just to spice up the day


  1. hahaha nice touch on the "SLK" LOL

  2. haha..well, ur SLK looks cool too :-P

  3. @Big Shat: haha. It's just a twist. lolz

    @ Ohmy: haha, just a smaller version of it and different manufacturer. =)