Thursday, 20 May 2010

Latest EV powertrain

Source by: http://star-motoring.com/blog/permalink.asp?id=1183
Credits to: Anthony Lim

Zytek Automotive, a UK-based company, is developing an all-new electric vehicle powertrain, and the company says that the third-generation design - which is built from a clean slate - will significantly simplify the introduction of next-generation electric vehicles, be it niche models or high-volume global vehicles.

The 25kW Zytek EV powertrain.

The modular package, available in sizes from 25kW, is extremely compact, and in air-cooled configuration, is up to 45% lighter than today’s production EV powertrains, while the water-cooled version, suitable for demanding drive cycles, is still up to 30% lighter.

Features in the powertrain include the integration of the charger within the inverter, reducing the number of separate enclosures and connectors required in the vehicle, and a new, high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor offering a maximum speed of 14,000rpm, providing oodles of generated torque while keeping the machine's size small and weight low.

A closer view of the motor plus transmission.

A new transmission, designed specifically for use with the new powertrain, is being developed by transmission specialist Vocis, and offers compactness (just 138cm wide) and lightness (10kg) among its key features.

The compact dimensions of the new drivetrain will make mechanical integration with a vehicle much simpler. The main connections required are high voltage (to the traction battery) and low voltage (for electrical interface with the vehicle). The air cooling option adds to the weight reduction and reduces complexity by eliminating the entire water cooling system.