Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pug 3008 is a big hit

Source From: Star Motoring
Credits To: Anthony Lim

The recently launched Peugeot 3008 is certainly doing very well, given the numbers. In less than a month since its official debut here, the SUV has recorded more than 300 bookings, surpassing the company’s monthly sales target of 120 units.

Despite exceeding Nasim’s monthly sales target, the company is confident of meeting the demand for the vehicle. The strong response for the 3008 will undoubtedly help the company achieve its recently revised full-year sales target of 3,800 units.

Concurrently, Nasim has also launched a three month after-sales and CSR campaign in conjunction with Peugeot’s 200 year anniversary. The three month campaign will run from July 1 to Sept 30.

Among the after-sales promotions to be offered during the campaign includes a free 25-point inspection at all Peugeot service centres nationwide. The inspection will comprise specific checks on a vehicle’s engine, transmission, suspension, steering and braking system.

Customers who then send in their cars for service at any of Nasim’s service centres during the campaign period will receive a gift commemorating Peugeot’s 200-year anniversary. Additionally, customers will be able to take advantage of Nasim’s 20% discount on selected spare parts, which was implemented in May.

As for the CSR campaign, Nasim will make a donation to Hospis Malaysia for every car sold during the three-month campaign period.

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  1. ugly car...my its bcz i'm not a fan of peugeot! but the looks dnt cut it!