Monday, July 5, 2010

Haltech Interceptor

The New Driving Force in Engine Management

The Haltech Interceptor is a totally new “piggy back” ECU designed to work in parallel with your existing factory ECU.

The Interceptor provides tuning of fuel mixtures, ignition timing, boost levels and many other features. The Haltech Interceptor is installed using a universal type wiring loom and tuning is performed on a laptop with user friendly Interceptor software for Windows. As the Haltech Interceptor works with the factory ECU, you need only tune where necessary, maximising power whilst maintaining factory levels of economy, idle quality, cold start etc.

Performance has never been achieved so quickly, easily and affordably.

The Haltech Interceptor has been fully tested on many makes and models, with the range of supported vehicles constantly being expanded.

Current Supported Vehicles:
Supported models continually updated! With so many new innovative features, the opposition will be left behind.

The Interceptor includes (basic):
ECU Programmable Computer, Interceptor Wire Harness, Programming Software & Haltech Stickers

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