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A Day Out In The ALL New FREED

Just a Presentation slide on the Honda Freed Test Drive With Paul Tan ( Famous Automotive Blogger )

A brief on the Safety tips and Rules during the convoy and the new features of Honda Freed

Front View of the New Honda Freed

There are 8 Honda Freed being sponsored for the day and it's for bloggers to take it for a Test Drive

The Chrome Front grill is perfectly match with the Style of Elegance yet Sophitiscated

Preparing to have a short photograph session before we get into the Freed and start our journey

Rear Side view of Honda Freed

Front side view of Honda Freed

Just a Pose

This picture is taken from the Last row where I can fit 3 person on it without having a hard time and the 2nd row is comfortable yet it's like sitting on a 1st class airplane.

Took from the Rear where the Seats at the 3rd row are not yet taken down.

This is the walkway where the driver from the front can actually walk to the back with the space within. A new concept whereby the driver don't have to open the door in order to reach the back seats.

If you want to have a larger boot space then the seats can be folded up and the seat from 2nd row can be pushed even further to make a bigger Boot where you can have plenty of space without a headache.

Driver View Dashboard shoot, it has a 2 layer of dashboard as you can observe from here. The 1st is with the Speedometer and the 2nd is below the Radio and it has a compartment for people to placed their belongings there.

The Gear lever is designed to be with the dashboard for a easy and convenient shifting when the arm rest from the Driver seat is placed down and you can actually drive in a relax manner without any strange feel.

The Latest Speedometer by Honda where it is a Eye friendly for everyone because the figure and objects shown in the Meter can be easily seen even though if there's a hot sun striking from above and it's not too bright even when a person drive during the night time. 

Room Light

Side panel where it has a Auto flip Side mirrors, Fog light Switch,  Automated Opening and Closing both the Rear Side doors, and last but not least the Mirror adjuster.

The speedometer is engaged when the keys area  plugged in.

This is the Air Condition panel right below of the dashboard where everything is in a user friendly form so no one can actually make a mistake in tuning the temperature and the blower. Besides that, it is equipped with a heater where you can tuned the temperature above 30 and the air starts to turn hot though.

Front View Shoot

Side View Shoot

Rear View Shoot

The Engine Bay - Honda Freed is equipped with a 1.5l SOHC i-VTEC engine with a 4 Cylinders and 16 Valves. The Max power produced is 118PS ( 87kW ) / 6,600 rpm and the Max Torque produced is 146Nm / 4,800 rpm.

The nice and clean Engine Bay equipped with the Honda i-VTEC technology.

The miniature Honda Freed for giveaway.

Last but not least and it's me having a shoot with the famous Automotive blogger, Paul Tan.

 Review of the New Honda Freed :-

Honda has officially come out with their New model which is Honda Freed. From my point of view, I really feel the comfort yet noiseless environment even though I am driving it in a high speed due to the High Regidity Structure of the Chassis Shape, it provides better handling yet stability and that's not all, the Front suspension is equipped with McPherson Strut with Stabilizer and the Rear Suspension is equipped with H-Shape Torsion Beam. Besides that, Honda Freed has a Small turning radius where I can manoeuvre it easily even though I am having a narrow road ahead or parking the car. There's a feature called the Active Lock-Up System where it provides a better feel during a drive and it's active lock up system shortens the real time exchange of gears and that ensures the responsive acceleration. It also helps by reducing the noise and overall transmission movement. Honda Freed have a  5 Speed Automatic Transmission driven by wire where it is the latest  throttle technology whereby the Freed is Driven By Wire functions as well as a smooth shifting 5-gear automatic transmission. This helps to keep the engine range within its most efficient speed yet offering a quiet cruising, better fuel efficiency and acceleration. 

Honda Freed offers a big area of space where you can utilize almost every area you can see in the car such as the walk through cabin where the first two rows is using four captain seats and it creates a 200mm of walkway for easy access while the theatrical tiered seating position increased visibility for all passengers in the first two rows. Besides the spacious walkway, the flat roof & flat floor concept creates a more cabin space and head room and this concept is achieved through the use of an ingeniously build under floor fuel tank. For a more spacious cargo, the third row has foldable seats which is can be folded easily in just 3 steps and with the foldable concept, it creates a larger cargo capacity to accommodate with various modes to suit your needs.

Time for some observation from the dashboard and controls, Honda Freed comes with a Tilt Steering where it steers without compromising on positioning. The Multilayer Meter Cluster provides an animated displays like bar graphs and meters that communicate all information such as fuel level and mileage throughout the journey that you have driven it. On the other hand, The double din Stereo can plays CD, Radio, and also MP3 in a player that can now play music from a USB so there's no need to have a modulator or a brand new Head unit just to play the song in USB. Thus, Honda Freed comes with a Foot Parking Brake and it's placed neatly at the lower left side of the driver seat where the Foot Braking is just so convenient for a car like Freed. 

Honda does not focus on the fuel efficiency and the performance of the car but it also have high priority in the safety such as providing an anti pinch sensor that detect obstacles during closing operation to avoid any accident or injury during the closing of the automatic sliding door. Besides that, to have an auto locking fuel lid, these are just some of the reasons that Honda Freed can truly claim to have all angles covered. After all, it did garner a 6-star JNCAP ( Japan New Car Assessment Program )  rating. Besides having an anti pinch sensors, it also have shock absorbing hood & hinge structure, shock absorbing hood, shock absorbing fender and also shock absorbing bumper.That's not all, Honda Freed do comes with ABS which is an Anti-Lock Brake System that stops the wheels from locking up. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) helps to evenly spread the braking  force to maintain stability. Brake Assist (BA) supplies even more brakeforce under emergency braking to bring the car to a safe stop. What I like about the Fuel Lid Auto Lock Safety System is a mechanism that prevents the sliding door from opening fully when the Fuel Lid is opened. Besides that, the Shift Hold Control & Grade Logic Control is stabilizing your vehicle or when we are taking a corner by holding a low gear is standard for the Freed, it even features Grade Logic Control for traversing hills. Last but not least to talk about safety issue about Freed, I would say that the G-Force  Control aka (G-CON) Technology do allows the vehicle to have a greater crash compatibility with other cars during because the G-CON chassis disperses crash impact over the frame of the body. It also has Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE). All of these provides a better safety to a car like Freed.

Finally, this is what everyone wish to know about which is the total Selling Price of Honda Freed. So I would like to list down the Customer Price List for Peninsular Malaysia at below :-

Selling Price 109,490.50
Road Tax ( 1 Year ) 120.00
Registration Fee 150.00
Handling Fee 50.00
Number Plate 50.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee 50.00
Retail price without Insurance 109,910.50
Insurance 3,069.50
On-The-Road Price with Insurance  112,980.00
Sum Insured 109,000.00
**For more information, Please check out Honda .

Head office:
Hicom Industrial Park, Pegoh,
P.O. Box 70, 78000 Alor Gajah,
Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: 06-5591500
Fax: 06-5591515

Sales & Marketing Office:
Lot 15, Jalan 13/6,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-79575885
Fax: 03-79574300


  1. @Chris: Thanks dude. =)

    @Miss N: Yea, the part I love most was the double sided Automatic Sliding door with anti pinch sensors.

  2. cool car... but too tall-ish. rear look kinda weird too

  3. Centre of gravity looks high - with full load, I bet the car wobbles changing lanes at speeds



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