Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY Spray Firewall

Before Spraying
Preparing to sealed up all the unwanted places so the Spray Paint wouldn't spread all over and cause other place to be messy

On the way wrapping the parts and making sure it is properly covered

Look at the old and the scratches on the Firewall

After Spraying
The result after spraying it, How it look guys. Just a beginner so it might not be appearing as nice as the spray shop out there. The reason I'm spraying one middle section is to see if it turns out to be okay before I spraying the whole front part of it

Closer look to the Paint

This is the Final result

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  1. hye lean, long time I did not come here!
    did you do all that?? wah,,, you are very creative!

  2. Hi man, nice DIY u got there. Worth a try, if one day I come along with a "project car" haha. Anyway David here from AutoTV, we met at the event yesterday :)

  3. @David: Sup dude. =).. Thanks for the comment though. Yea, I remember you bro. =)